We are a family owned and operated business and know how to help you buy and/or sell your business.

We cover all of Arizona, but focus mainly the Phoenix metropolitan area.

We are dedicated to our industry, its attitudes, professionalism, integrity and you!  Please call or e-mail if you have any interest in buying or selling a business.

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We are a family owned and operated business and know how to help you buy and/or sell your business.
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Buying and Selling a business involves a great deal of research and preparation.  For your convenience, we have included several links to help you along the way.

Arizona Liquor License  This link will provide you with information on the different liquor licenses as well as assist you in applying for a new or transfering an existing license.

Registrar of Contractors  This site helps you research contractor's license as well as provide information on obtaining a new one.

Arizona Department of Real Estate Here you can research all Licensed Arizona Real Estate Agents.  You can also obtain information on what is required to obtain your own license.

Tradename Registration  This is a helpful link if you have just purchased a business and need to transfer the tradename.  You will also find information on this site for registering a new tradename.

Arizona Corporation Commission  This link will take you directly to the name search for Arizona corporations.  Here, you will be able to research the status of all Arizona corporations as well as obtain the neccessary information to form your own Arizona corporation.

Worker's Compensation This link will provide for you with the information that Arizona's requirements for worker's compensation coverage.

IRS for a Small Business  This is a helpful site for both the new and seasoned business owners.  You can find out what the IRS allows for deductions and great advise on managing your small business from the IRS's point of view.  You will also be able to get information on obtaining a Sales Tax ID number and Employer ID number.